Support for Those Seeking Change


Anger Management Class

Class addresses the origin, nature and consequences of anger. Each class lasts for 2 hours and is supported by workbooks, handouts, charts and illustrations. TXCROSS believes that learning to cope with anger in a positive non-self-defeating manner is a crucial asset to living a healthy life.

Life Skills

Classes held in groups or individually, aimed at equipping clients with the skills needed to succeed in day-to-day life. Covers areas such as health education, anger management, parenting and child development.

Spiritual Support (Pastoral Care)

Counsel that is inspirational and motivational in nature aimed at helping clients to:

Establish/re-establish a relationship with a higher power, Adopt positive values/principles, Identify a sense of purpose and mission

Family Education (Parenting/Child Development)

Family education classes running in 6-week cycles. Spouses, parents, siblings and other immediate family members of beneficiaries are encouraged to participate. Subjects include health education, substance abuse, the disease concept of addiction, and family roles in dependency. Family members are shown how they are affected by addiction, what they can and cannot do for the chemically dependent person and how to seek help and further support for their own growth and healing.

Individual Recovery Coaching

One-on-one counsel provided to a client and family addressing recovery issues from a Christian and spiritual perspective.

Employment Coaching

Class that teaches the client skills in:

Interviewing, Application Completion, Resume Writing, Job Search Skills and Techniques, Positive Employment Behaviors and Attitudes. Will also address the client’s criminal record as it relates to employment.

Family and Marital Counseling

Individual professional services addressing client issues relating to relationships and family. It also involves the professional application of family systems, theories, and techniques in the delivery of services to those persons.

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We strive to be the most purpose driven, rewarding, and transformative community counseling agency in Austin.
— CEO and Rev. Lea Walker-Clark, M.A., M.Div